Nebraska is in its fourth year with former Cornhusker Scott Frost as head coach. In those four years, it looks like Nebraska has not seen any progress in terms of wins as they are 15-26 overall (10-22 in B1G play) since the beginning of the 2018 season.

So far this season, Nebraska is 3-6 (1-5 in B1G play) with tough losses at Illinois, at Minnesota, and Purdue. They were close to upsetting at No. 3 Oklahoma 23-16, at No. 20 Michigan State 23-20, and at home against No. 9 Michigan 32-29. All of Nebraska’s losses have come in one-possession games. One more loss and Nebraska will not go to a postseason bow game for the fifth consecutive season.

There has been some progression in the way they compete in the race for the B1G. Frost is determined to get Nebraska back to their winning ways, along with athletic director Trev Alberts.

The Big Noon Kickoff analysts feel like Nebraska is on the right path and they should give Frost one more year.

Here is what Bob Stoops had to say about Nebraska:

“just looking at Nebraska, I always felt as a head coach if you play smarter, tougher and harder than your opponent, it takes no talent to do that. … But they do not play smart. I see so many penalties — after the play penalties. Turnovers, dropped passes. They do not play smart. But I believe everyone needs to trust Trev Alberts, he’s there, he can see what’s going on. I believe in Scott Frost. I believe having some patience will pay off for them because they’ve been so close. That’s my opinion, but you’ve got to trust Trev Alberts.”

Matt Leinart was less optimistic about Frost and his progression at Nebraska. Here is what he had to say about Frost and Nebraska, “I’m not in the business of saying when a coach should be gone, but they are close. Football is a game of inches. football is a game of a few plays throughout the season is the difference between a win and a loss. The expectation is not winning the national championship at Nebraska at this point. They should be winning the B1G West and competing for B1G championships.

He went to say, “I believe he deserves another year because they are close.”

Brady Quinn questioned who could Nebraska actually turn to if they get rid of Frost by saying, “I preach patience, because if it’s not Scott Frost where do you go?”

Finally, Reggie Bush had this say about Frost coming back, “when you look at how we got here, you have to give Scott Frost another year because you don’t want to be back on the street trying to find someone else.”