Nebraska head coach Fred Hoiberg left his team’s game in the Big Ten Tournament early due to an illness on Wednesday night.

He was taken to the hospital as a precaution with the heightened fears of coronavirus, and his team was quarantined in the locker room following the game for a while. Nebraska didn’t partake in the postgame press conference with media as a precaution, and the team was released from the locker room a short time later.

As it turns out, Hoiberg was diagnosed with Influenza A, and he released a statement via social media Thursday morning about his illness.

“Please let it be known that I would never do anything that would put my team, family or anybody else in harm’s way,” Hoiberg wrote. “I was feeling under the weather on Wednesday and we felt the right thing to do was to get checked by a tournament doctor prior to our game in the Big Ten Tournament against Indiana. Once that medical official cleared me, I made a decision to coach my team. I would like to thank event staff for their care and professionalism. Also, thank you to everybody who has reached out for your support.

“This is a scary time for all of us. Let’s offer thoughts and prayers directly to those affected with Coronavirus.”

Nebraska lost the opening round game to Indiana 89-64 Wednesday night, but thankfully, Hoiberg appears to be okay.