For every freshman football player, there is an adjustment from high school to college. Luke McCaffrey, a former 4-star recruit in the class of 2019, is making that adjustment as an early enrollee and he appears to be a quick learner.

“Luke McCaffrey really surprised me (on Monday),” Frost told reporters, per the Lincoln Journal-Star. “I think he had as good of a first day as you can have, and that’s probably a credit to how hard he worked when he came in to know what he was doing. You’re never going to be perfect when you’re going through your first few practices, and we try to tell our guys that, but I was impressed by him.”

Frost wasn’t alone in noticing McCaffrey putting in work since arriving on campus.

“I told (McCaffrey), ‘Now, if you’re up here this much next year I’m going to figure maybe you have mental issues or something and you’re really not getting it,’” quarterbacks coach Mario Verduzco said when meeting with the media. “He’s done a lot of work to get that underneath his belly right now so he knows he’s not lost at practice.”

Verduzco is already saying the athletic McCaffrey (brother of Dylan and Christian McCaffrey) can be “hell on wheels” as a signal-caller.

“Through his development through (head strength coach Zach) Duval, that part of his life, the physical domain part, he’s going to get stronger, he’s going to get more mass, which is going to allow him to generate more thrust on the ball,” Verduzco said. “He has a couple issues that we need to clean up … with regard to his stroke.

“Once we get those cleaned up, he’s going to be hell on wheels.”

More about McCaffrey’s head-turning Day 1 of practice can be found in Parker Gabriel’s full article here.