Garret McGuire spoke to the media on Thursday about joining Nebraska’s staff as wide receivers coach.

McGuire came to Nebraska after he was on Matt Rhule’s staff with the Carolina Panthers as an offensive assistant. He also played at Baylor, and was coached by Rhule in his first 3 seasons. McGuire said he knew he wanted to get into coaching in the 2nd grade. McGuire’s father, Joey, was an assistant coach with the Bears for each of his 4 seasons.

McGuire said he calls his father every night and asks him for help, especially with recruiting and interacting with players.

“He’s the best recruiter,” McGuire said.

McGuire, 24, chuckled about his age, and added, “Obviously I wasn’t around in the 90s, guys. I know I’m a young guy. I am a 90s baby. I’m ’99, so I count.”

But he’s excited about joining the Nebraska staff: “Let’s freaking roll,” he said.

McGuire went on to explain that, in addition to growing up watching Nebraska football, he was excited to rejoin Rhule and his staff that followed him from the Carolina Panthers.

On how his time with the Panthers will help at Nebraska, he added that he’s worked with the “best of the best” and “guys that were a lot older than me.”