Things haven’t been enjoyable for Nebraska football fans in past years.

Scott Frost returned to his alma mater ahead of the 2018 campaign after a pair of seasons leading the UCF program. So far, he has yet to coach the Cornhuskers to a winning record, going 15-29 (10-25 B1G). The Huskers haven’t finished over .500 since 2016.

And that’s deservedly led to a white-hot seat for Frost headed into season No. 5. That’s obviously trickled down to his players, as well. During B1G Media Days, linebacker Garrett Nelson had a rather interesting example of just that involving former Huskers quarterback Adrian Martinez (now at Kansas State), according to the Lincoln Journal-Star’s Amie Just:

One instance, according to Nelson, was in a class “with 10 players” where the professor “threw up a trivia question” that equated to: “How many more incompletions can Adrian (Martinez) throw until he gets cut?” Apparently, Martinez was there.

(If that’s true: Goodness, read the room, professor)

It’s one thing to face criticism from the media. But it’s quite another to see your teammate trolled by a professor in front of his classmates in that fashion. Nelson is using the criticism as fuel to help turn the Huskers’ fortunes, though.

“When you have professors or students or campus tour guides talk trash to you or your teammates all the time when you’re just around campus, just the media and everybody, just to hear that constantly, berate your university that you love and the players that you love and the coaches who are father figures who you love and are around every day, it destroys you as a player and as a man,” he said. “So, growing that chip on your shoulder every day, from stuff like that, it’s time to play.”