Another ESPN personality has ripped Nebraska over its comments regarding leaving the B1G for a season in an attempt to play football elsewhere after the conference decided to cancel fall sports, including college football in 2020.

On Wednesday, college football analyst Desmond Howard sounded off on Nebraska, which said in a statement that it will continue to explore options to play football this fall. The longtime ESPN personality and former Michigan star was not a fan of the Huskers’ dissent from the league on Tuesday.

“I would demand a public apology from Nebraska. If I’m Kevin Warren, right now, I’m working on a way to get their ass out of the B1G,” Howard said on Get Up. “They’re not Notre Dame, baby. They don’t have that cache.”

Howard’s comments on Wednesday echoed those of fellow ESPN personality Michael Wilbon of Pardon the Interruption. Wilbon, a Northwestern alum, said he’d also tell Nebraska to leave the league.

“I’m going to applaud the presidents for not listening to the likes of people at Nebraska, who are doing the biggest whining,” Wilbon said, according to 247Sports. “The B1G has operated for 116 seasons, mostly damn successful without Nebraska, which has been around for the last nine…You know what, I hope somebody on that call said to Nebraska’s representatives, even its president, get the hell out. If you wanna turn and tuck tail after you received $52 million of guaranteed TV money every year, then go. Go somewhere else.

“What an inflated sense of self the Nebraska football program has that hasn’t done a damn thing in a decade or more. They’ve done nothing. I hope someone says get out. I understand the football coaches want to play and the players want to play. I want to see them play. But the presidents have to exert something, exercise something that we haven’t seen in the pandemic and that’s leadership.”

B1G commissioner Kevin Warren told Yahoo Sports that Nebraska cannot “go rogue” for a year and still be a member of the B1G Conference. At this time, the Huskers haven’t responded to Warren’s comment.

Things could be getting interesting in the B1G.