What has Scott Frost done in the past?

Well, at UCF, he took an 0-12 team to a 13-0 team in just two years. Right now, at Nebraska, he’s entering Year 2. People are pointing to that as a reason as to why people are so high on the Huskers this year. Others will look at scheduling.

Regardless, Frost has had immense success in the past, and now with the talent he has around him at Nebraska, people believe this may be the year Husker football gets back to where it once was. One analyst in particular that believes in Frost is Greg McElroy.

On Friday’s appearance on College Football Live, McElroy had this to say when asked about a breakout coach in college football this season:

“I look at Scott Frost and what he’s building at Nebraska,” McElroy said. “They relied on a a lot of youth last year, but one of the biggest leaps you make as a player is between Year 1 and Year 2. Within the program, knowing that it was a bit of philosophical change from where they were before he got there to where they are now, you would think that offense is really going to roll.

“Second half of the season last year, they averaged almost 40 points per game so you have to assume that type of production offensively is likely to continue. If you can identify a couple key playmakers on the defensive side, then (Nebraska) is in a great spot. I look at this schedule too and it’s somewhat favorable for a team in the Big Ten West. So I like Nebraska in that (9-win) area, maybe doubling their win total from a year ago.”

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McElroy isn’t going crazy here. He’s saying that Nebraska should hit around nine wins and double their win total from 2018. Last season, the Huskers ended up going 4-8.

According to what some believe, doubling their win total almost seems like a guarantee.