The Nebraska hype is real entering 2019.

However, that being said, the USA TODAY Coaches Poll came out on Aug. 1 and the Huskers didn’t make the Top 25. It should be noted, though, that they did come in 26th in regard to overall number of votes.

So, plenty of analysts have come to Nebraska’s defense and are touting the Huskers as the team to beat in the Big Ten West. Depending on how they do during the regular season, they may wind up in the B1G Championship and would only need to pull off one more win in order to have a very nice resume for the College Football Playoff Committee to look at.

However, before all that happens, games have to be played. And college football analyst Greg McElroy believes that the Huskers will win quite a few of them. When asked about teams that got snubbed on missing the Top 25, he said to “put it on a silver platter for me, it’s Nebraska.”

“They just barely missed,” McElroy said during College Football Live. “Look at what they bring back, but it’s not as much about what they bring back but about how they finished the season last year. Those final six games, they were a completely different team. Sure, yeah, 0-6 start not ideal. But when all of those young players that played pivotal roles last year being another year ingrained in the system, you have to think that Scott Frost’s team is going to start the season more like they finished last season. I’m not suggesting they’re a playoff team or a team that can get to 10 or 11 wins. I have a hard time envisioning that. But 8-4 or 9-3 is well within reason to expect for the Huskers to make this year.”

McElroy believes in the Huskers — and so do many others.

Nebraska will get a chance to live up to the hype starting on Aug. 31 at home against South Alabama.