Greg McElroy took the chance to evaluate the instant impact of Matt Rhule’s hiring at Nebraska among other recent hires.

McElroy has said, and reiterated again, that Rhule was his favorite hire of the offseason because Nebraska “really sweetened the deal for him” after he declined an offer initially.

“Could not be a better situation I think for Nebraska to go out and get a guy that’s done more with less, has identified diamonds in the rough already in the past,” McElroy said on “Always College Football.” “Did a great job at Temple, did a great job at Baylor and will do a great job at Nebraska. The guy has won everywhere he’s been.”

McElroy typically doesn’t assign pluses, but has made an exception to give Rhule an A+ grade.

“I’m so excited about the possibility of him taking what is a crazy good NIL situation, a crazy proud fan base and the ability to now go out and recruit in the state of Texas, where he’s familiar, I might add,” McElroy said.

McElroy pointed out that when Nebraska left the Big 12, it left the state of Texas. Now that changes given Rhule’s history at Baylor.

“I think he is poised to win,” McElroy said.

The comments begin at about 4:20: