Desmond Howard is paid by ESPN to offer up his opinion on all things college football. Frankly, he’s pretty good at it.

The former Michigan great and Heisman Trophy winner is a regular on College GameDay, where he might not always say the popular opinion, but he at least backs it up.

That’s why his tweet on Thursday night was a bit out of the ordinary.

Howard, for whatever reason, offered up a weird take on Andy Janovich’s first career touchdown:

Janovich, of course, is a fullback That was also his first career NFL carry, so the nerves were obviously flowing. He was a cult hero at Nebraska after walking on and later earning a key roll as a senior. The Gretna, Nebraska native is one of 11 B1G rookies debuting as NFL starters.

By all accounts, Janovich is a feel-good story. And Howard mocked a fullback that was fast enough to break away for a 28-yard touchdown. He also recorded a 55-yard touchdown in his career at Nebraska, which is obviously an impressive feat for a fullback.

Janovich recorded a 4.81-second 40-yard dash time in the combine. He isn’t about to challenge Howard in a foot race.

Still, after watching guys like Heisman candidate Dalvin Cook drop the ball before reaching the end zone, it was strange to see Howard poke fun at someone exercising maximum ball security.