No matter how this season ends for Nebraska, no one should be questioning Adrian Martinez’s toughness.

After the Cornhuskers’ loss to Ohio State on Saturday, head coach Scott Frost revealed that Martinez has been playing through both a broken jaw and a high ankle sprain.

The broken jaw happened during the game against Michigan State, which Nebraska lost in overtime and the ankle sprain happened during practice leading up to the Minnesota contest.

It’s a miracle that Martinez has played through both of these injuries, especially the broken jaw. He’s had to take hits each game while having that.

That said, he’s still mostly played well since the game against the Spartans when he suffered that injury. He has 8 touchdown passes during that span and has also thrown for 200+ yards in each game.

He’ll likely play out the Cornhuskers’ last 2 games out as well, despite them not being bowl eligible due to their loss to the Buckeyes.

No one will be able to question how much effort Martinez puts in, either.