Nebraska athletic director Trev Alberts has been asked to deliver on a pretty unique opportunity in the B1G athletics.

Tuesday night during a radio show, a caller phoned in to pitch an idea to Alberts. That idea? A Field of Dreams baseball game between Nebraska and Iowa that would be televised on Big Ten Network.

Sometimes, callers into these radio shows can be a little bit crazy. This one, though, might’ve had the best idea of the year. It would be an incredible experience for the players and fans and would generate plenty of interest across the B1G and the Midwest.

The idea stems from the MLB playing a Field of Dreams game on Aug. 12, 2021. The New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox played in Dyersville, Iowa in one of the most unique sports experiences to date.

Now, there’s a chance we could see it at the college level.

Will Alberts work with the B1G and Iowa AD Gary Barta to get something worked out? It would be a really cool experience for everyone involved if it can be pulled off.