Touchdown Jesus.

It’s one of college football’s most famous icons overlooking Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday afternoons in the fall, making sure all goes well for the Fighting Irish.

When visiting the campus of Notre Dame, or taking a trip to South Bend, taking a picture with the image one of those must-do items. So, when former Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini stepped on campus, he took advantage of the photo op.

On Sunday, Pelini’s daughter Kate posted a picture of her father posing in front of Touchdown Jesus. And it seemed to be a pretty popular photo on Father’s Day:

Pelini’s son Patrick is a preferred walk-on at Notre Dame, explaining why the current Youngstown State coach was in South Bend over the weekend.

Great pictures are nothing new for Pelini. As you might recall, Pelini brought a cat with him to Nebraska’s 2014 spring game, a feline made famous by the Twitter parody account Faux Pelini.

In case you forgot, here’s that image:

While Pelini will likely always be remembered for the photo with the cat, his posing in front of Touchdown Jesus isn’t far behind.