Joe Burrow has spent his collegiate career at two of the premier football schools in the country. He started out as a backup at Ohio State before transferring to LSU and becoming a rock star on a national stage.

After throwing for over 4,000 yards, more than 40 touchdowns and leading the Tigers to a 13-0 record, SEC title and College Football Playoff berth, Burrow is now the heavy favorite to win the Heisman Trophy. It’s all worked out pretty well for him.

But as a recruit, Burrow had his mind set on another school. He was really interested on being the next quarterback at Nebraska. Obviously, that didn’t come to fruition.

Why not? Burrow told ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi why he’s not wearing a Huskers uniform right now — and it may make the fans in Nebraska cringe a little bit.

“I wanted to go to Nebraska but they told me I wasn’t good enough,” Burrow said in an interview.

Considering the amount of success Burrow has had at LSU — and the struggle to reach bowl games consistency in Lincoln recently — that statement might sting a little bit.

Burrow was a member of the 2015 recruiting class and was ranked as one of the top 300 players in the cycle and the No. 8 dual-threat quarterback. That would’ve been around the time Nebraska’s program was transitioning from the Bo Pelini era into the brief Mike Riley run.

Obviously, it’s impossible to know if Burrow would’ve had the same amount of success in Lincoln as he’s enjoying in Baton Rouge, but it still leaves us wondering “what if?”

In the end, it worked out pretty well for Burrow.