Joel Klatt and Bruce Feldman recently addressed the hiring of Matt Rhule by Nebraska. Awaiting Rhule is a full rebuild of the Huskers’ program, but both analysts agree the hiring makes a lot of sense on paper.

“I think this is a good fit for Matt Rhule, here’s the hard part for me: How ever many years ago, I sat here and was just like ‘Oh, Scott Frost, home run.’ So, I don’t know about this,” admitted Klatt.

“I think Nebraska is a great program. They have a lot of good finances in terms of how they can support their program.”

Feldman went on to say he is also a big fan of the hiring but that impression is based on Rhule’s track record. Expectations for the Huskers also play into Feldman’s analysis.

“I love the Matt Rhule hire, I think it’s an A+ hire but I’m going off track record… It’s going to be interesting to see how it goes but (Rhule) definitely makes the B1G better,” said Feldman.

Here’s the full clip from the two debating the move: