Joel Klatt talked about the upcoming showdown that will take place between Nebraska and Minnesota on Thursday. Klatt did note that there were some areas of concern for the Cornhuskers, however.

The first area that Klatt had some questions about were the receivers. While Jeff Sims is an experienced quarterback out of Georgia Tech, it won’t help if he doesn’t have anyone to throw to.

“Their wide receiver corps is the one area that this team is lacking at a little bit,” said Klatt. “That’s the position that they need to address the quickest.”

How will the Husker defense do? That was another concern Klatt had. The defense was a problem for Nebraska last year. The defense allowed 414.4 yards per game, which ranked 11th in the B1G.

“Defense, not quite sure,” said Klatt. “That defense was not very good. They were bottom 100 in offense and defense last year. We’ll see.”

Fans will finally be able to see how a Matt Rhule coached team looks in year 1. Kickoff will be Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.