Joel Klatt is not surprised Scott Frost was fired by Nebraska.

I’m not sure anyone who closely follows college football is. We all know the Frost experiment didn’t pan out in Lincoln, but Klatt read through a laundry list of eye-opening stats that back up Nebraska’ recent decision.

To be honest, it’s a wonder he got this far.

“I don’t even think even Scott disagrees with this if you just roll through some of the numbers,” Klatt started. “Last year, 0-8 in one-score games, other was Ohio State, played them to 9 points. He’s 5-22 in one-score games in his tenure there, worst in the FBS. 0-10 in one-score games since the start of last season. 14 second half leads blown, worst in the FBS, 2 this year. Nine fourth quarter blown leads, tied for second most, 2 this year. Second worst overall record in the B1G, only ahead of Rutgers in his tenure. Second worst conference record in the B1G, only ahead of Rutgers. 0-13 versus ranked teams. 0-13 versus Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa, 7 of those were one-score games. You and I both know that this was somewhat inevitable.”

I’m not sure when it was that I realized Klatt was going to keep going on for some time. Nor can I pick out a stat that is most unbelievable.

Nebraska fans have known nothing but pain this past decade or so. Let’s see where they go in the future.