What a marketing opportunity for every Wendy’s in Nebraska.

On Sunday, Scott Frost was officially introduced as the head coach of the Huskers after completely turning around a pitiful UCF program in two short seasons. A few days later, a local Wendy’s has officially introduced the “Scott Frost Special.”

That’s right, now folks in Nebraska can stop in at Wendy’s a get a small Frosty for just $0.50. The advertisement was listed on a Wendy’s sign located in Nebraska.

It doesn’t matter that its December in Nebraska, it’s never too cold for a Frosty.

Several people have interjected Frost’s name into witty slogans or fun signs at football games throughout the season, but Wendy’s is one of the few restaurants that will use the play on words as a promotional item.

Maybe it’ll also have a similar special every time the Huskers win.

But for now, this is a win for everyone involved. Nebraska got its head coach, Wendy’s got some marketing material and every Huskers fan is happy on multiple levels.