According to, a 38-year-old South Dakota man was arrested for the burglary of Jordan Foltz’s home during Nebraska game day on Saturday. Jordan Fultz is the brother of former Nebraska punter, Sam Foltz.

Scott Davis, of South Dakota, was originally pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, but officers reportedly found stolen items from Jordan Foltz’s home and vehicle. He was cited for possession of stolen property and possession of burglary tools.

The burglary occurred during the Cornhuskers’ season-opening game, a game in which Sam Foltz was being honored. Sam Foltz died in a car accident over the summer.

Jordan Foltz commented on the situation in a Facebook post and was found on

“Tonight as we celebrated and mourned my brother for all he accomplished in his career, as a person, a Nebraskan and a Husker in Lincoln some (expletive) was back here in our hometown breaking into my house and my vehicles, probably seeing our family as a easy target as we were all in Lincoln,” Jordan Foltz said.

The family reported the loss of items worth roughly $1,400.

This man deserves everything that can be thrown at him legally.