Marcus Satterfield may be new to Nebraska, but he has a plan for the Cornhuskers’ offense in 2023.

At the conclusion of the 2022 regular season, Nebraska brought on Matt Rhule as head coach, after previous head coach Scott Frost was relieved of his position early in the season. One of Rhule’s first hires was Satterfield as OC. The two coaches have a shared a long relationship, including time together at Temple, Baylor and the Carolina Panthers.

On Friday, Satterfield spoke to the press and outlined some of his plans for the upcoming year. Asked about utilizing the huddle, the offensive coordinator said he’s “on a crusade” about the huddle, mentioning that the huddle is the “heart and soul of football.”

“We’ll actually get in a huddle. Will use tight ends and a fullback.”

In addition to using the huddle for “essential communication” and “allowing the quarterbacks to lead”, Satterfield will also utilize a QB run game. The offensive coordinator stated that having a QB run game is “crucial.”