Matt Rhule was far from satisfied with Nebraska’s Week 5 performance. That goes without saying as the Huskers were steamrolled by the No. 2 team in the country, and Rhule believes Nebraska left something to be desired with the performance.

At his Monday press conference, Rhule noted the Huskers did not play very well and said the performance was not good enough.

“We didn’t play very well, we didn’t play well enough. That’s not to take anything away from Michigan. Michigan’s an excellent football team. But we could have played better than that,” said Rhule. “I say ‘We,’ that’s not me throwing players under the bus, that’s all of us. And I don’t think there’s a guy in that locker room that doesn’t feel that way. That wasn’t good enough, that wasn’t good enough at all.”

The head coach went on to call on Nebraska’s really good players to step up and play like it. Rhule also adamantly believes Nebraska is better than it showed in Week 5.

“We have some really good players that are going to play in the NFL. They need to show up. Like they need to show up,” Rhule explained. “The good players for Michigan, I can tell you who they were because I watched them on the field. Our really good players need to show up. And that’s not me calling anyone out, that’s me giving them confidence because I believe they can do it, there’s a big difference. I’m not calling anyone out by name. We have guys I believe can absolutely wreck a game and I want to see them wreck a game… We’re better than we played.”

The good news is Nebraska will not have to wait long to see if those players do step up. The Huskers will be back in action Friday night against Illinois.