Matt Rhule is focused on Nebraska football and getting the Huskers ready for Purdue in Week 9. However, the head coach was inevitably asked about sign stealing with the recent NCAA investigation and ongoing saga involving Michigan.

At his Monday press conference, Rhule said sign stealing ultimately happens every week, but it’s completely normal to try and steal certain things from across the field. He said it’s one reason why college football should utilize mics and headphones inside of helmets.

“Sign stealing happens every game. There’s nothing wrong with teams looking over to try to steal our signs, there’s nothing wrong with us trying to look at their signs. It’s why you should have mics in the helmet,” said Rhule. “All these guys that vote against it every year is because they don’t want to teach their quarterback.

“…There should be 100% (mics). You can get rid of all the stupid signs on the sideline and the pictures of rock stars and all that stuff and we can just play football the way it was meant to be. You go to a high school game, there’s technology on the sideline. You go to an NFL game, there’s technology on the sideline. You got to a college game, nothing.”

Rhule followed up his comments by pointing out that his analysis is limited to sign-stealing during a game. The idea of video-taping opponents is something else entirely.

“But that’s sign stealing. I would not carry that over to going to film someone’s practices or filming someone else’s games,” Rhule explained. “That’s completely something different. I’m not saying that happened…

“We should absolutely have technology, but if there is a rule, the rule should be followed. And I’m not speaking about what’s happening right now because I don’t know what happened.”