Matt Rhule has wrapped up his first recruiting class as the new head coach at Nebraska. That group checked in at 24th nationally on the 247 Sports Composite Team Rankings and is headlined by 4-star prospect Malachi Coleman.

While some colleges were targeting Coleman for the defensive side of the ball, he is expected to play wide receiver for the Cornhuskers. Landing Coleman’s signature was also a massive win for Rhule’s first few months on the job.

FOX analyst RJ Young broke down the impact of Rhule landing Coleman over Deion Sanders at Colorado as an impressive accomplishment for the new head coach in Lincoln.

“Underneath all that, was not just whether or not Nebraska was gonna win (Coleman) but if Nebraska even knew who he was. Because going into 2021 of his summer camp, he didn’t have an offer, and he went through camp without an offer. That feels kind of wild since he’s the No. 1 player in Nebraska, and you are the University of Nebraska. Of course, this is Scott Frost’s doing and not Matt Rhule’s.

“Meanwhile, Matt Rhule shows up right as Coach Prime shows up to Colorado… and the quote Malachi gave to 247 Sports was ‘Saying no to Coach Prime was like saying no to God.’ Score one for the Rhule in Nebraska cause he got that dude.”