Matt Rhule met with the media Saturday with Nebraska’s spring game right around the corner. One thing Rhule addressed is the team’s mindset heading into that spring game.

According to Rhule, he talked to the team Saturday about treating the spring game like a key practice. He wants the team to stay engaged and focused on getting better until the very end.

“I talked about the spring game today with the guys, I just want to make sure they understand this is not a show,” said Rhule per Inside Nebraska. “I’ve watched some other spring games on TV that are kind of like a show or kind of like a whatever. I expect them to get better all the way til whatever time the spring game ends… Whenever that’s over, that’s when they can relax. That’s when the coaches can relax.”

Rhule went on to say Nebraska is a 4-8 team at this point in time. While the 2023 season provides a chance to get better, the Huskers have to go out and prove they’re a great team.

“I just want to make sure they understand we’re 4-8, you know what I mean? It’s not a negative thing, we have to earn the right to say that we’re a good team,” Rhule explained. “We have to fight to be a good team… Sometimes we have a tendency to think ‘Oh well, things are going to be better now.’ No, you’ve got to make them better. You have to fight. We’re not a great team yet. I want us to be a great team, they want us to be a great team.”

Nebraska will hit the field next Saturday, April 22 for the annual spring game. We’ll see how the Huskers look to wrap up the spring under Rhule and his staff.