Matt Rhule was named Nebraska’s next head coach on Saturday morning, and he wasted no time hopping on College GameDay to discuss his decision.

Rhule was fired by the Carolina Panthers this year, and he opted to jump right back into coaching at the collegiate level rather than take anytime off.

College GameDay was able to get ahold of Rhule Saturday morning, and Rece Davis asked Rhule why he opted to take the Nebraska job right now.

“I think it was really two things. The more you’re away from it, the more you miss the players, the locker room and coaching,” Rhule explained. “Then, this is Nebraska. This is a team that I grew up not just watching; this is a team that I grew up revering.

“Trev Alberts, Admiral Ted Carter — they ran an unbelievable search and I can see right away that the leadership is right. There’s tremendous alignment. It’s got the greatest fan base in football and a storied history and tradition. At the end of the day, I just felt like that it fits me. I’m a guy that likes to go places and develop players. That’s my passion in life is to watch players grow on and off the field, and no one in history has done that better than the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

“It just seemed like the right fit, and I’m excited to get there,” Rhule concluded.

You can watch Rhule’s comments below: