Matt Rhule is excited to be back in the college game after a brief stint in the NFL.

Rhule took over the Nebraska job earlier this offseason following nearly 3 seasons with the Carolina Panthers. Prior to taking over in Carolina, Rhule rose up the college ranks with successful head coaching tenures at Temple and Baylor.

In an interview with The Next Round earlier this week, Rhule said he is “wired” for the college game and said he never stopped following the sport when he was the Panthers’ coach.

“I love the college game,” Rhule said. “My whole life, from a very young age, I wanted to be a Division 1 college football coach. I had a great experience with the Giants as an assistant O-Line coach, so when the chance came, I went and did it. But I’m for this. I’m wired for this age group, these kids, recruiting.

“And you know what, I love Saturdays. I love the bands, I love the student sections, I love everything. When I was in the NFL, I spent most of my Saturdays watching college football.

“I’m really happy to be back,” Rhule added.

Here’s Rhule’s full interview on the The Next Round: