Matt Rhule and Nebraska face a unique challenge this week, turning around to play a Friday night game in Champaign against Illinois. That environment and timing pose some challenges, and Rhule touched on the energy aspect in his Wednesday press conference.

Rhule noted the team will need to try and create its own energy in Champaign, but that’s a challenge the team keeps at the forefront. It’s something the head coach says the program does in practice and has had to practice already in games this season.

“Creating our own energy, that’s what we try to do at practice, and we try to simulate that. Even going out at La Tech in the rain delay, trying to create your own energy,” said Rhule. “When you’re having a tough ballgame like last week, you have to create your own energy. Some guys did, some guys didn’t.”

Creating the energy is an even bigger need on the road, and it’s an area Rhule and the Huskers will test come kickoff.

“We’ll have to do that Friday night. It will be great to be on the road,” said Rhule. “I haven’t been to Illinois since I was a player but I’m sure they’ll have an excellent atmosphere. But on the road, it’s kind of us just huddled on the sideline… Where’s your energy at (if things don’t go your way)?”