Matt Rhule and Nebraska kicked off training camp on Monday as the Huskers gear up for the 2023 season.

After practice, Rhule met with the media to discuss a number of topics, including one area of focus for Nebraska early on. Rhule revealed his staff with the Huskers is focusing on making sure all players get reps, all the way down to incoming freshmen.

While it takes a bit more from the coaching staff, it’s one piece of advice Rhule says he received from legendary head coach Tom Osborne.

“You can even tailor the play calls for them so we were able to be a little bit slower with them, a little bit more methodical with them,” Rhule said about getting reps for younger players. “But the most important thing to me is reps. As I told the young guys at the end, a lot of places in the country, the freshmen showed up and they got five reps in practice today, but our guys all got 40.

“It’s just kind of what Coach Osborne told me, you make sure they all get reps. It’s a little bit of strain on the coaches and staff… but you know, it’s fun.”

While finding the best 11 on offense and defense is important, Nebraska will need improved depth to navigate the grind of the B1G schedule. We’ll see if the early reps pay off for some of the young Huskers this fall.