Matt Rhule on National Signing Day spoke about some of the things the coaches on his Nebraska staff had in common, and one thing is being old-school.

“To me, great teams are built on 2 things: relationships and standards,” Rhule said. “We have a standard, the standard is to work really, really hard. I don’t want competitive where it’s like, I want to sign more guys than you because that leads to bad teams. It leads to coaches taking guys as favors. Everybody that we bring in is brought in by the entire staff. That being said, I love the fact that we’re still old school.”

Rhule mentioned other teams visiting 3 or 4 high schools in a given area, whereas Nebraska would visit 8 or 9 and try to “affect the area.”

“It’s not easy to work here,” Rhule said. “The standards are high … we’re not going to celebrate ourselves for working hard.”

Also on Wednesday, Rhule said he doesn’t want on all walk-ons on his special teams units, because that means starters don’t understand the value of special teams. “I think that we’ll find there’s enough talent to play complementary football,” he said, per