Matt Rhule is no stranger to the types of weather conditions that face Lincoln, Nebraska. He’s also not running from them while trying to get the Huskers to embrace the wind and the cold.

On Friday, Nebraska held one particularly brutal workout inside a snowy Memorial Stadium. In a video shared by Rhule, the temperature for the early-morning session was negative 10 degrees.

Part of that workout session included sled pushes back and forth across the thick snow covering the field inside Memorial Stadium.

At the end of the day, the weather is just another fact of life, but Rhule has mentioned the blustery conditions common in Lincoln on multiple occasions since taking over the head coaching job for the Huskers.

In particular, Rhule has mentioned he does not try to sugarcoat what the playing conditions can be like when recruits come to visit. Instead, he uses them as a selling point as something that can help prepare players for playing in similar conditions at the next level.