Matt Rhule is not involved in posting recent signs inside Nebraska’s locker room prior to the matchup with Wisconsin, no matter what the players say.

According to the players, Rhule hung signs in the locker room detailing the Huskers’ recent struggles to get a win over Wisconsin. While speaking with the media, Rhule vehemently denied he had anything to do with that.

“I did not do that. That might have been a strength coach, might have been an assistant coach. Might have been a player. You guys know me, that has nothing to do with me,” Rhule disputed. “I don’t play for trophies, I don’t care what happened in 2013-15. I asked the guys how old they were in 2012, they were like ‘I was 12.’ So does that have anything to do with us?”

The all-time series between the two programs dates back to 1901 but has just 16 head-to-head meetings. Since 2014, the teams have played for the Freedom Trophy, but the Badgers have dominated with 9 straight wins going back to 2012.

Rhule admitted he heard of the rumor and said he gets blamed for everything. However, he maintains he doesn’t “micromanage” the locker room.

“I heard that. I get blamed for everything, they all think I do everything. I don’t even go in their locker room. I didn’t put anything up,” Rhule said. “But again, I think it’s pretty cool. It’s probably one of the players, to be honest with you… But yeah, that would never come from me.

“I had no idea that was being done, but I don’t micromanage the locker room. If they want to put it up, put it up.”