Mickey Joseph says that now that the B1G is about to expand and bring in UCLA and USC that Nebraska should focus on recruiting out on the West Coast. However, Joseph did put a key limit on the type of prospects the Huskers should focus for on the west coast.

“If we go out there,” he said, “we’re going to get a draft pick.”

Joseph also continued to say that the next head coach of the team should put his focus out there also.

“Whoever takes this job, they got to be ready to work,” Joseph said of needing to bust your tail recruiting at Nebraska, to a question of what the permanent coach has to do, whether it’s him or someone else.

The B1G expanding to the West Coast should open more doors for teams like Nebraska to recruit in those areas. California has undoubtedly produced some high-flying recruits over the years, including star QB CJ Stroud who is lighting it up at Ohio State. Current Heisman winner Bryce Young also hails from California.

Whether or not Joseph eventually lands the permanent head coaching job does remain to be seen, but he certainly is thinking ahead in terms of improving the recruiting pool at Nebraska.