Mickey Joseph employed multiple quarterbacks for Nebraska’s Week 10 game vs. Minnesota. With starter Casey Thompson sidelined, the Huskers opened the game with Chubba Purdy under center.

Purdy and the Huskers opened the game on the right foot, scoring 10 points in the first quarter and carrying that 10-point lead into halftime. Unfortunately, things were stalling out after the hot start and the team went with Logan Smothers for a change of pace.

While Smothers did lead a field goal drive and had the offense driving before a turnover on downs late in the game, it was too little too late after Nebraska blew a 10-point lead in the loss.

During his postgame press conference, Joseph addressed the usage of the two QBs. According to Joseph, he is “on the same page” with OC Mark Whipple.

Joseph did admit Whipple makes the call but there was constant communication leading up to the call. Joseph also has the final decision if its a call he believes the team shouldn’t make.

Joseph also explained why he made the switch from Purdy to Smothers but admitted the team probably should have made the call even earlier.

“I thought (Purdy) saw it early … but I didn’t think he saw it toward the end of the game so that’s why it was the change with Logan. I thought Logan gave us a better chance,” Joseph said.

“Yeah, we probably should’ve,” Joseph said when asked if thought was given to going to Smothers earlier. “But we figured we had to throw the ball down the field. And then when he (Purdy) wasn’t seeing it, we figured we had to make a change. But in this league you can’t do that. You can’t go six 3-and-outs in this league. You can’t do it. Because they’ll eat the clock up.”

Hopefully, Thompson’s absence doesn’t linger into Week 11. If he’s out another week, it will be interesting to see who gets the start for Nebraska.

(H/T 247 Sports)