Mickey Joseph was brought to Nebraska to coach the wide receiver room and serve as the passing game coordinator for the Huskers. On Monday, Joseph was critical of the consistency of his group to start camp.

According to Brian Christopherson with 247 Sports, Joseph said he has been the most consistent person in the WR room to this point. Joseph said his message to the group has been to “stack days” but that did not happen on Monday.

The issue at hand is a Monday practice period where Joseph said his unit “took it on the chin” when going against Nebraska’s secondary.

Despite his criticism, Joseph said he expects his group to figure it out. It’s an expectation he has placed on the group to be able to grow and work through things.

“My thing with them right now, they’ve got to figure it out,” Joseph said according to Christopherson. “I’m not going to figure it out for them. They know what I expect, they know what Scott (Frost) expects, what Whip expects … I think that’s the problem these days is that we figure things out for these kids. They’ve got to figure it out.”

It is no secret Nebraska’s WR room experienced an overhaul this offseason with Marcus Washington (Texas), Trey Palmer (LSU) and Isaiah Garcia-Castaneda (New Mexico State) all coming to the program via the transfer portal. How fast that group can gel likely plays a large role in the ultimate success of the Husker offense.