Mickey Joseph was without Gabe Ervin Jr. for the Rutgers game. Joseph explained why that was per 247Sports’ Michael Bruntz.

Ervin missed the game because of a toe injury. He has been a part of the RB rotation in Lincoln this season, helping relieve Anthony Grant occasionally. Ervin has 82 yards rushing so far this season.

Joseph said that Ervin didn’t play in the game because he wasn’t able to go. Joseph stated that the player has the final say in if they are ready to play, regardless of what any coach or physical trainer says.

He’s got that toe injury. He didn’t look good in pregame. One of my rules here is that the trainer doesn’t tell me. I don’t say the kid is ready to go. The position coach doesn’t say the kid is ready to go. The fans don’t say he’s ready to go. That kid tells me when he’s ready to go and he said he wasn’t ready to go. That’s the way it’s going to be as long as I stand in front of this team.

We’ll see if Ervin can play against Purdue in Week 7.