Mickey Joseph is realistic about the challenges Nebraska faces as it heads into Michigan on Saturday.

No. 3 Michigan is currently firing on all cylinders, taking down Rutgers last Saturday to advance to a perfect 9-0 on the season. Superstar RB Blake Corum is having an MVP season and is a top contender for the Heisman.

On Tuesday, Joseph spoke to the media about what the Cornhuskers will face in the matchup with the Wolverines.

“They are probably the best that we are going to face this year talent-wise,” said Joseph. “They are well-coached. They do a really good job. They are a tough team. They do a lot in the run game. They do a lot on defense. They have a high IQ football team. And they are an older football team. So, you are dealing with a solid football team this week.”

A big part of Michigan’s success can be attributed to the head coach, according to Joseph. He spoke at length about the transformation Michigan has gone through under head coach Jim Harbaugh, praising the longtime coach.

“I think he has done a great job. He was a really good quarterback in the league and he is a really good football coach,” said Joseph. “His brother is a very good football coach for the Ravens. My brother Vance knows his brother. It is something like my family, it is a football family. He does a really good job. I had the chance to meet him in Birmingham, Alabama, when I was at LSU. He was a great guy to talk to, but he has a really strong football team, and it is because he is a really good football coach. He is well organized. He preaches toughness, and they are tough. You can see it on film.”

Michigan and Nebraska will face off this Saturday at 3:30 EST.

(H/T 247Sports)