Mickey Joseph and Nebraska are moving forward in the second half of Week 11 without offensive coordinator Mark Whipple. Coming out of halftime, Whipple will continue getting evaluated after getting wiped out in the first half.

On the play, Whipple had his legs slammed into by Wolverine receiver AJ Henning. Whipple went down hard after the hit to his legs and may have hit his head on the field in the process.

While the OC finished out the first half on the sideline, he needed the cart to return to the locker room at halftime. Coming out of the break, Joseph announced Whipple would not return to the sideline.

Joseph said the OC is still getting x-rays and will be evaluated further. As for play-calling duties, Joseph announced it will be a joint effort between the Husker staff but he will have final call on the plays.

We’ll see how the second half plays out for the Huskers. Hopefully, Whipple also checks out okay moving forward.