Mickey Joseph took away Nebraska’s Blackshirts when he took over as interim head coach. On Thursday, he revealed the tradition is not returning for the rest of 2022.

The Blackshirts, one of the Cornhuskers’ well-known traditions, are given to Nebraska’s most deserving defenders. To open the season, nine were given the honor: Nick Henrich, Garrett Nelson and Caleb Tannor, as well as Marques Buford, Myles Farmer, Colton Feist, Quinton Newsome, Luke Reimer and Ty Robinson.

After originally planning to give back the Blackshirts to players who earn them as the season went on, Joseph has decided that he wouldn’t hand any out this season as the team rebuilds.

He says that there is unneeded pressure when wearing a black shirt given the state of the program, but he did add that the defense was playing well.

“I think with this group, being a Blackshirt adds more pressure to them,” Joseph said per Jordan McAlpine with The Lincoln Journal Star.”If they don’t play well, they get a whole bunch of negative comments about the Blackshirts. So we talked about being just a team.”

The Cornhuskers have won their last 2 games since getting beat down at home against Oklahoma, 49-14. Joseph simply wants his crew to stay focused on finishing the season on a high note after a season that began with so many setbacks.