Ndamukong Suh still isn’t happy about it. His 2009 season at Nebraska was one of the best in the history of college football for a defensive player, and he probably didn’t receive the credit he deserved.

Suh had no problem talking about that with Shannon Sharpe on a recent edition of Club Shay Shay.

In a recent interview on the show, Suh explained why he was “pissed off” when he wasn’t named the Heisman winner after a stellar campaign in 2009. Instead, the honor went to Alabama running back Mark Ingram.

“Yeah, without question I thought I was gonna win that Heisman Trophy,” Suh said. “And, I was pissed off when I didn’t. I’m not gonna sit here and lie to you, I was pissed off. I’m still mad that I didn’t get an opportunity to win that, or they saw that I didn’t deserve it.

“I think if you put bodies of work together, anybody, even a blind man, could’ve figured that one out.”

Suh’s stat line was incredible during that 2009 season with the Huskers. The defensive end had 20.5 tackles for loss, 12 sacks and an interception to go along with 52 tackles on a team that finished 10-4.

But the numbers weren’t enough for Suh, who finished fourth in the Heisman Trophy voting that year.

Still, Sharpe told Suh that he was one of the greatest defensive players he ever saw in college, and had the performance of a lifetime in the Big 12 Championship Game against Texas that season.

This year, Suh won a Super Bowl by helping Tampa Bay to a 31-9 victory over Kansas City.