A longstanding tradition is at stake this year.

With the B1G ruling that no fans would be permitted to attend any games this season — with the exception of parents and families of players and coaches — Nebraska’s sellout streak is in jeopardy. The seats at Memorial Stadium have been sold out for 375 consecutive games, dating all the way back to Nov. 3, 1962.

Obviously, 2020 is a different year. And with no schools permitted to sell individual tickets to games this year, Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos addressed what that means for the Huskers’ streak.

“If you can’t sell, you can’t sell out,” Moos said during his appearance on Sports Nightly. “So, if there was a restriction of 25% capacity [and we sold out], I’d count that as a sellout. If it was 50%, sellout. Because we could do that. We’d fill that.

“But no fans, or very few — primarily players’ parents, their family members and maybe just a handful of friends…so this is going to be an asterisk year where the sellout streak just settles where it is and we pick up again next year.”

Moos has said he was not in favor of not permitting fans into the stadiums as a consensus decision in the B1G, but that it wasn’t worth arguing over if it meant the season would not be played.

So, for the first time in a long time, there won’t be a sellout at Memorial Stadium. But in an odd and unique year, it won’t count against the Huskers.