Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos is not giving up on his fight to push the B1G to reconsider its stance on fan attendance for the 2020 college football season. He wants to see the Sea of Read, even if it’s depleted, back in Memorial Stadium.

Moos has been consistent on his message in wanting the B1G to ease restrictions of fan attendance for the upcoming season. Despite his push to allow some attendance this fall, the conference made the decision to prohibit fans with the exception of family members of players and coaches.

But as data changes and as the season moves forward, Moos is continuing to fight for Nebraska.

“I think it’s an advantage for us to see what’s happening in other areas of the country,” Moos said, according to the Lincoln Journal-Star. “Some places are accommodating a larger number of fans. We’re going to need some data to fall back on, but I’m going to continue to observe and press for consideration — or reconsideration, I should say — as we move through the season.”

Nebraska won’t play a home game until Oct. 31, hosting Wisconsin on Halloween. The Huskers open the season against Ohio State in Columbus on Oct. 24, the first weekend of the B1G season.

Other conferences are permitting individual schools and states to make determinations on fan attendance. But the B1G decided to go with a league-wide policy. Could it be amended if conditions improve?

Moos is willing to find out.