The Supreme Court made a groundbreaking decision Monday.

The SCOTUS officially ruled that a portion of the NCAA amateurism rules is invalidated. The ruling indicated that the NCAA can no longer bar schools from providing athletes with education-related benefits or paid post-graduate internships.

After that ruling came out, Nebraska AD Bill Moos released a statement Monday evening. He acknowledged that the Huskers will continue to review the full SCOTUS decision to determine how it will impact Nebraska athletics and student-athletes down the road.

However, Moos also pointed out that some of the benefits discussed in the decision are things that Nebraska already provides for student-athletes:

“In fact, several of the benefits cited in today’s ruling are benefits that we have provided at Nebraska for several years,” said Moos. “Beginning in 2015, Nebraska athletics provided all student-athletes with personal laptops and was also the first-known athletic department in the country to create a post-eligibility opportunity program.”

It will be interesting to see how Monday’s decision impacts college athletics as a whole. It is also good to see that Nebraska has tried to be proactive in taking care of its student-athletes.