Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos really wants Scott Frost and the Huskers to have that 12th game.

Saturday night’s game between Nebraska and Akron was cancelled due to a strong and lengthy storm that ripped through Lincoln, bringing heavy amounts of rain and frequent lightning to Memorial Stadium. The two teams tried to come to a resolution and play the game on Sunday, but accommodations didn’t properly work out.

But Moos is working with Akron’s Department of Athletics, hoping to reach an agreement where the two schools could play later this season. On Wednesday, he met with reporters to discuss Nebraska’s scheduling options with Akron, or potentially another program.

According to Sam McKewon of the Omaha World-Herald, Moos said that housing accommodations were an issue but that Nebraska offered dorm rooms and a meal catered by Marriott were offered to Zips players and staff. Still, the two teams couldn’t reach an agreement.

Moos also said that Nebraska is looking to schedule either a rematch with Akron or add a new opponent to get that 12th game in. Potential dates would be Oct. 27 — a bye week for the Huskers — or Dec. 1 — the weekend of the B1G Championship Game.

While both sides seem to be moving forward with level heads, it does appear that the cancellation, and the inability to reach an agreement, has caused some friction between the two programs.

Moos also currently plans to cover Akron’s expenses with the agreed payout. How much will be given to the Zips was undisclosed.