Memorial Stadium in Lincoln is going to look a lot different this fall. Yes, eventually there will be football inside its hallowed walls in October, but aside from the parents and family members of players and staff, the 90,000-seat venue will sit empty.

The B1G announced on Wednesday that it had reversed its decision on fall football, reinstating the season. Kickoff weekend is set for the weekend of Oct. 23-24, but there will be no attendance this fall, which has been a league-wide decision.

Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos was hoping for schools to be able to decide for themselves what attendance might look like, but that will not be the situation. Now, Moos said he’s considering more innovative ways to get fans involved.

“That does not appear it’s going to be the case,” Moos said, according to 247Sports. “We certainly did not want it to be a dealbreaker, but we’re going to think of some innovative ways to have our fans involved…hopefully we can get them involved in some innovative ways and we’re already working on that. The important thing is that our fans are going to have Husker football.”

During a virtual press conference on Big Ten Network, Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour made the announcement of the league’s attendance policy. It does not seem like that will be reconsidered in the near future.

“From the standpoint of the resolution that the [Council of Presidents/Chancellors] approved, we are not going to permit fans in general,” Barbour said. “We are looking to see what we can do on a campus-by-campus basis to accommodate the families of our student-athletes, both home and away, as well as the families of staff. But, as a conference, we’ve made a decision — no public sale of tickets.”

Nebraska has sold out 375 consecutive football games, a college football record.

So even though Husker football will be making its return to Lincoln in October, it’s going to look a lot different without 90,000 roaring fans inside one of the most iconic stadiums in the sport.