Trev Alberts decided to pull the plug on Scott Frost before his buyout price was lowered. He revealed why he chose to do it now instead of later per FOX Sports’ Bruce Feldman.

Nebraska would have had to pay Frost a $7.5 million buyout if it waited until Oct. 1. However, since Alberts let Frost go early, he had to give him a $15 million buyout. Alberts stated that he owed it to the players.

He also added that there is no current negotiated settlement.

“We owed it to the players to give them a different voice and perhaps a different vision,” said Alberts. “We needed to do something. There is no negotiated settlement.”

Seems like Alberts didn’t want to wait any longer after a loss to a Sun Belt team. Nebraska will now be looking for its next head coach.

It should be an interesting next few weeks for the Huskers, as there will be a new head coach in 2023. Let the games begin.