It doesn’t take much to set the internet, specifically Twitter, ablaze these days. Just look at what happened on Wednesday with the potential reveal of a Nebraska alternate uniform.

A tweet showing the potential design of a Lil’ Red-inspired uniform that the Huskers were supposedly going to be wearing during the Oklahoma game on Sept. 18 sent the Twittersphere into disgust, disbelief and so much more. Those flames were tamed thanks to the athletics department of Nebraska.

Here is the uniform mock-up in question.

These are just horrifying. First of all, I didn’t even think overalls when I first saw it. I thought the jerseys made it look like they were wearing singlets. But regardless, it’s just terrible and the image of Lil’ Red in the background may start giving people nightmares.

The viral mock-up made its way to Lincoln and specifically athletics director Trev Alberts. He shot down the potential of these uniforms making their way onto the field. He did that in and managed to make the declaration in a funny way.

This was a smart way to handle this situation. Only thing Alberts could’ve done more is rip the atrocity that is that uniform. But otherwise this is pretty funny. We will keep you informed if Lil’ Red decides to address the controversy.