Fans during the Michigan-Nebraska game thought the referees made some questionable calls. There were a number of first-half reviews that resulted in overturned calls among other things. Nonetheless, Michigan won against Nebraska by a score of 32-29.

One of the calls that went against Nebraska – and that many fans thought cost them the game – was an Adrian Martinez fumble that allowed the Wolverines to kick the go-ahead field goal. That play came deep in Nebraska’s territory late in the fourth quarter. Many Cornhuskers fans felt that Martinez’s forward progress was stopped before the fumble.

All in all, it was far from a stellar performance from the officiating crew in that game on both sides of the ball. On Tuesday, Alberts took a subtle dig at the officiating crew.

Check it out:

It’ll be interesting to see if the NCAA and B1G respond to these comments in the near future.