Nebraska football has had quite a lackluster season with only 4 games in and Nebraska’s athletic director is not impressed.

Nebraska’s AD Trev Alberts discussed during a morning press conference on Thursday that Nebraska needs to establish itself as the “premier development program in the Midwest.”

After losing its head coach Scott Frost following the Georgia Southern loss, the Huskers need something to change in performance.

Alberts wants Huskers football to put more energy and time into developing players.

Alberts also went on to mention he has confided in coaches, not specifically for the starting head coach role. More so to gain insight into how other coaches have built their programs from the ground up.

The commitment to the players overall development is a huge piece of the puzzle, especially for a B1G school.

So, for Alberts to recognize this mindset now could potentially reap success later on.

As for now, the Huskers have a lot of work to do in order to achieve the “premier development program” title but who knows, maybe this can strengthen the commitment.