When watching Nebraska night games at Memorial Stadium in recent years, many have noticed that the end zones appear to have less light than the rest of the field.

Now, the Cornhuskers are taking steps to fix that problem and will add new LED lighting to the stadium, according to HuskerOnline.com.

John Ingram, associate athletic director for capital planning and construction, is overseeing the project, saying that the field lighting will no longer be an issue starting this fall:

The system will be integrated with the big-screen Husker Vision boards, Ingram said, and the new lights “will be capable of instant on, instant off, and will be programmable so we can create (special) effects.” By contrast, the old lighting system takes about 15 minutes to come on to full brightness, he said.

Ingram said the new lighting, among other things, will offer enhanced visibility, consistency, and brightness. “Right now the end zones are a little dark,” he said.

Times have not been announced for any of the Huskers’ games this fall, but it’s safe to say the school won’t be afraid to schedule night games at home from here on out.