Nebraska’s athletic department had to make some hard decisions regarding its financial situation as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to force schools to slash their budgets.

Friday, the department announced that 51 employees have been furloughed until Jan. 1, 2021. All other staff members within the department will take a 10 percent reduction in pay from Sept. 1-Dec.31.

As of right now, Nebraska has not cut any athletic programs.

“The postponement of the fall sports season, and spefically the football season, has put us in the position of making some very difficult decisions that impact every member of our staff,” said Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos. “In my three decades as an athletic director, I have always said that people are our most valuable resource and there is no question that is true here at Nebraska. These are outstanding staff members and great people, and this is what makes this a particularly tough day.”

Earlier in the day, Iowa announced that it was cutting four sports programs as a result of the financial burden caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.